Sunday, July 17, 2016

Million Dollar Luxury Homes in Las Vegas for Sale - What You Get for Your $!

What Does $ 1 Million Dollars Buy in Las Vegas Luxury Real Estate?

Buyers relocating to the Las Vegas Valley often comment on how surprised they are with what you can get for your money.  Especially, when relocating from states like California, or New Jersey, or Connecticut, aside from getting a whole lot more square footage, a swimming pool, and the latest in fine finishes, there is the economic perk of lower real estate taxes, no State Income Tax, no Inheritance Tax, a myriad of fine shopping and dining, and entertainment.

To view a variety of Las Vegas and Henderson NV Luxury Million Dollar + Homes for sale.

$ 1,650,000

Call Lauren Stark at 702 236 8364 for your Private Tour or More Info.

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