Thursday, September 10, 2015

Why You Should Have Your Realtor Accompany You When Shopping for A New Home!

Why You Should Have Your Realtor Accompany You When Shopping for A New Home! 

One of the great things about Las Vegas & Henderson real estate market is the fact that our homes are relatively new. New home communities are popping up all over the place, and the appeal of a new home is enticing to many buyers. The Stark Team understands the excitement and potential of purchasing new, and in fact, encourages buyers to seriously consider a new home, as the values can be comparable to some resales.


Benefits Of Buying New:
  • The latest in energy efficient materials
  • Builder Home Warranty Option to Pick Everything You Want (Floor plan configurations, cabinet colors, flooring choices, exterior elevation, etc) From Scratch
  • Buying Early In A Development and the Builder Has Phase Release Increases Building Equity While They Construct Your Home
  • It’s BRAND NEW
Modeled Above & Below is a KB HOME 2800 sq. ft  Single Story with 3 car Garage in Inspirada.

Prices are from the high $370k's plus upgrades ( figure about 15-20% more)

Reasons Why You Should Utilize Our Services.
1.   The in house sales team represents the builder. While they have to be fair and honest to you, their interest is in representing the home builder (As Expressed in The Duties Owed Form You will Sign)
2.  The builders sales people’s objective is to sell out the community. Our objective is to find you the best deal -whether that is a new home or a resale.
3.  Las Vegas Homebuilders LOVE working with realtors!  New homebuilders promote incentives to the realtor community. Working with a real estate agent will ensure that any promotions or incentives are passed on to you.
4.  Our services and expertise are FREE to you as a buyer, and they are invaluable! We know what questions to ask the in house sales people to ensure YOUR interests are protected, and you reach your purchasing obectives.
5.  80% of homebuyers have realtor representation when purchasing a new home - why wouldn't you?
We love selling new homes have been very successful in helping many families purchase new, and then a few years later, when it’s time to upgrade, downsize, or move to another new home, sell that home - usually after some nice appreciation. Since we know what buyers look for in the resale arena, we can assist with what upgrade choices, lot selection, and negotiate on your behalf!

The choices can be overwhelming at times and we are here to help since we are very familiar with the new home process.  

Contact Us Today And Let Us Help You Find The New Home Of Your Dreams!

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